Industrial Services Portfolio

Browse through an assortment of the industrial sectors Rapid Fire Protection, Inc. works in to find a project-type best suited for you and your business.

Industrial Services

Rapid Fire Protection offers project specific fire risk assessment, value engineering design, and specification services for any size project. Our team includes fire protection professional engineers, fire protection consultants, and NICET certified designers ensuring that proposals and projects are well designed and qualified upfront to meet any and all requirements.

  • FM-200® Suppression Systems
  • Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Suppression Systems
  • Foam Suppression Systems
  • Vortex™ Hybrid Water/Inert Gas Suppression Systems
  • Water Based Suppression Systems
Industrial Services

Innovative Design

Innovative personalized design, while upholding the highest level of fire protection engineering, is what separates Rapid Fire Protection from our competition. Conveyor belts, newspaper printing presses, power plants, coal mines and refineries are just a few of the hazards for which Rapid Fire Protection is able to design. You stand to benefit from proven expertise in these specific areas.

Other services offered include:
  • Application engineering
  • Site surveys
  • Hazard analysis
  • Field commissioning, testing, and training
  • On-site project technical support
  • Project integration
  • Fire protection turnkey capabilities